Sunday Set Up #14

I feel like in the summer the weeks just fly by, anyone else feel that way? Being up here in Muskoka has got my days all confused. Despite being a Sunday, it feels like a Monday and Friday’s don’t feel like Friday’s. Every day just feels like the same, it’s taking a bit to get used too. But check out this view:

Beautiful right? This was before the mosquitoes decided it was time to feast on me, yet again. I have over twenty mosquito bites and for whatever reason mine like to turn into big welts, and the more I scratch the more swollen they become. I’m getting used to seeing my hands, legs and arms as big as balloons. It’s not pretty and they can stop anytime, but the view makes up for it…kind of. I’d like to go back to having regular sized body parts please.

Anyways, this week I worked out six times! I am so proud and am feeling really good. It’s getting easier to wake up before work and workout and I like having it out of the way. I don’t have the workout cloud looming over me when I get home which is always nice.

  • Stretch lower body everyday 
  • Create a fitness schedule (what to do on this day)


  • Create a meal plan
  • Try to eat 2 servings of vegetables at lunch and dinner


  • Be in bed by 11pm


  • Give myself a pedicure (Gah! Need to do this, my toes need some TLC).

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