Sunday Set Up #15

Sorry for the late Sunday Set Up! The wifi isn’t the best out here, so it’s hard to upload posts sometimes. We might be upgrading our internet this week (fingers crossed!) which would make things a lot easier. Although it is nice to be out here with distractions of TV and computer, it would be nice to catch up on a couple episodes that I’ve missed. It can also get a little boring when on your days off, so having something to watch would be nice. I’m off today but we have bright blue sunny skies, so I think my day will be spent down by the beach working on my tan :).

Here it is!

  • Stretch lower body everyday 
  • Work lower body 2x this week
  • Run 3x this week


  • Create a meal plan
  • Try to eat 2 servings of vegetables at lunch and dinner


  • Continue getting to bed early (I went to bed before 10pm these past two nights!)


  • Read a book at sunset by the beach

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