Luna and Mojo Bars Review

Hey! I am so excited to write my first review, and on something totally awesome. There are so many options of bars these days. High protein, high fiber, low carb, low sugar, vegan, gluten free etc… But I’ve never seen a bar made just for woman. LUNA bars have the vitamins and minerals woman need most to help us stay healthy. From clifbar.caCreated by and for women, LUNA bars were the first bars just for us, with the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to stay healthy. Wholesome nourishment and delicious indulgence, they are made with 70% organic ingredients and are just plain yummy.” They have 14 different flavors, but not all are available in Canada. These also aren’t gluten free, however they don’t contain gluten there is some cross contamination. I was able to tolerate it but don’t try them if you aren’t sure.

I contacted LUNA and they sent me 2 different flavors to try: Chocolate Peppermint and Lemon Zest. In addition, the kind people at LUNA also sent me their new MOJO bars to try. I found these similar to kindbars with there being a nut and dried fruit combination. MOJO bars are gluten free, a source of fiber and as with LUNA are made with 70% organic ingredients. These bars were very filling due to the higher fat content and moderate protein.

First is the MOJO bars:

Dark Chocolate Almond: There were nice big chunks of almonds and chocolate. I liked the chocolate coating on the bottom as it was like eating a healthier chocolate bar. Not overly sweet despite having 9g of sugar. My favorite of the MOJO bars.

Coconut Almond Peanut: I liked that you could taste the almonds, peanuts and coconut evenly throughout the bar. Loved that it only had 5g of sugar and it had the perfect combination of sweet and salty. If you don’t have a big sweet tooth I would recommend this one. 

Chocolate Cherry Almond: Found this one a little too sweet for me. It did have a nice chocolate taste and I liked the chunks of chocolate and almonds. Would prefer a less sweet bar.

Now onto the LUNA bars:

Chocolate Peppermint: Definitely my favorite. Perfect ratio of chocolate to peppermint. I liked the peppermint coating on the bottom and liked that it didn’t taste too sweet. Chocolate flavor could be a little bit stronger but overall it was delicious.

Lemon Zest: The lemon flavor could of been a little stronger but still had that nice lemon taste. For being called zest it could of had a punch more flavor but overall I would buy it again.

I definitely recommend any of these bars as they are nutritious and delicious. If you’re craving something sweet or in need of a quick snack, these will do you a lot more good instead of a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, while still satisfying that sweet tooth in a healthier good for you way.

Disclaimer: LUNA did send me these bars for free in return for a review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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