Sunday Set Up #18

Long time no post! Sorry for being MIA, it’s been a busy week. I went home for the first time since being up here on Saturday and wanted to spend as much time with my family as I could. So I put this weeks Sunday Set Up aside for this week. It was a really good few days at home, but now it’s back to that work life. I definitely take advantage of having a dishwasher, a big bed and a mom that cooks for me. All three of those things I do not have up here and didn’t know how much I truly missed them until I got back! Even though I do love to cook myself, it was nice not having to do it and relaxing during dinner prep :).

By the way, where has summer gone?! I feel like summer has just started when in reality we’re only a couple weeks away from autumn. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited. Like really excited. Autumn is definitely my favourite season. I love the crisp cool air, halloween, warm drinks, the leaves changing colors, being able to wear a sweater without dying and the most important PUMPKIN! I am definitely on the pumpkin everything train. Pumpkin pancakes, waffles, muffins, bread, cookies, candles etc… I love love love pumpkin. But have yet to try the pumpkin spice lattee from Starbucks (probably the only person on the planet who hasn’t tried it). Honestly I’ve never ordered it because it’s full of sugar, unhealthy fat and unnecessary calories. But you know what? I really want to try it and I love pumpkin and I’m going to let myself indulge in this very rare treat. I am not going to hold myself back any longer, bring it on pumpkin spice lattee! I’m ready for you.

Okay back to the title of this post, Sunday Set Up! 
  • Stretch lower body everyday 
  • Workout 4x this week (heart pumping, sweat dripping workouts!)
  • Go for a run


  • Continue to eat 2 servings of vegetables at lunch and dinner
  • Meal prep for lunch 


  • Continue getting to bed early


  • Treat myself to lunch or dinner out

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