Friday Faves: Pumpkin Edition

Wow, me blogging during the week? That’s a rarity these days. But you can thank the stomach bug that has me down for the day. I’ve been sitting here in my bed looking up recipes and watching netflix, all day. I am so not a sedentary person and I am going crazy not being able to be active. The thought of a walk just makes my stomach turn, plus the mosquitoes have come out of hiding and I’m back to my daily bites. I did go a while without getting one and now I’ve gotten 10 in the past 2 days. No bueno.

So what does one do when they’re not feeling well? Look up every pumpkin recipe imaginable that’s what. And I cannot wait until I visit home next weekend and make all the things pumpkin. I’m talking a waffle pumpkin french toast recipe (say what?!), pumpkin bars, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes. You name it and it will be pumpkinfied. Surely I’m not going to be able to make all those things, but I assure you waffle pumpkin french toast is happening. It is so happening and I cannot wait.


But here are some of the pumpkin recipes I found that I think you might enjoy too! Even if it is only the 5th of September, September is pretty much the gateway to fall so go ahead and bake your pumpkin hearts out!

Happy baking!

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